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5-Week Puppy School Program: Flexible fusion learning with open enrolment.

You can start any week!

Join In-Person Puppy Classes in Crows Nest (NSW)
Join Online, Interactive Zoom Classes & Weekly Q & A Sessions
Ultimate Scheduling Flexibility = Mix & Match Your Classes!
Access an extensive video course with step-by-step instructions.

Puppy Priorities Program

This puppy program includes 5 x 1 hour LIVE classes, which are specifically designed to focus on critical learning for young puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks of age. This program is ideally completed before your puppy is 20 weeks old (5 months), in order to enjoy all the benefits.

Our fusion learning program is set up to provide maximum flexibility and support for new puppy parents. The open enrolment model, enables you to mix and match in-person and online puppy classes to suit your schedule, so you can easily stay on track with your puppy's development, during this critical learning period.

Once you enrol, you will be able to select each of your class sessions, based on your preferred dates and times; as well as mix and match your class formats (in-person or online), to fit around your family and work commitments.

Class Days & Time Slots (1 Hour - Sydney AEST):


  • 11:15 am: In-Person switched to Zoom Class
  • 12:30 pm: In-Person switched to Zoom Class
  • 01:45 pm: In-Person switched to Zoom Class
  • 03:00 pm: In-Person switched to Zoom Class


  • 09:00 am: Weeks 2 - 5, Interactive Zoom Class
  • 12:00 pm: Week 1, Orientation Zoom Class 
  • 05:00 pm: Weeks 2 - 5, Interactive Zoom Class
  • 07:00 pm: Weekly Q&A Sessions on Zoom


  • 12:00 pm: Weeks 2 - 5, Interactive Zoom Class
  • 05:00 pm: Week 1, Orientation Zoom Class 
  • 07:00 pm: Weeks 2 - 5,Interactive Zoom Class

AUD 249.00

Super Flexible Fusion Learning.
Get the best of both worlds!

Mix and match classes to suit your schedule, so you can stay on track with your puppy's learning milestones.

  • Week 1: Orientation Session (Zoom)
  • Weeks 2 - 5: In-Person Classes
    Indoor Location: Crows Nest (NSW)

    ONLINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE *** Please be aware of the latest COVID-19 restrictions in NSW!!! All In-Person Classes must be switched to Online Classes = interactive Zoom Classes until further notice. ***
  • Weeks 2 - 5: Interactive Zoom Classes
  • Video Lessons
  • Digital Downloads
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A: 7:00 pm, Tuesdays
  • Community Support Group
  • Digital Certificate upon Graduation
  • Extended access (1 year) to course and support services upon Graduation


The Orientation Zoom Class is a lecture intended to provide new puppy parents with foundational knowledge and advice around critical new puppy learning: home set-up and management, how puppy's learn, toilet training, puppy biting, socialisation, separation and more.

This session is ideally attended before you get your puppy and before you attend the your other classes. As this is a lecture, and not an interactive Zoom class where we practise training games and exercises together - your puppy can take a nap ;-)

I want to provide you with the most flexible and supportive puppy school experience. In order to achieve that, I have designed each of your 5 classes of this 5-week course to have it's own theme. For example, the week 1 Orientation class is all about Puppy Priorities. Week 2 focusses on Come When Called and sensible socialisation games to develop your puppy's confidence and calmness... etc.

Once you have booked your spot, you will receive a confirmation email with your access details. Once you have logged in to the platform, you will be able to register for each of your 5 class sessions individually, with one simple click.

You get maximum flexibility to mix and max your classes based on date, time, format, and even in what order you would like to take your classes. This allows you to fit your puppy training classes around your family and work commitments.

Ideally, you would register to take your Week 1 Orientation session first. However, you do not need to register for your classes in chronological order. As long as you attend each of your 5 classes and successfully complete the final quiz of your Puppy Priorities video course, you can graduate from The Mindful Dog's Puppy Priorities Program, and enjoy all the benefits:
Extended access to this 5-week course program and support services for 1 year!

No matter what the reason, if you can't attend, simply register for the next available class with that topic. You get maximum flexibility to select your preferred dates and times for each class, as well as your preferred class format.

If you had already registered for a class and need to cancel, you can simple email to let your instructor know. She will cancel your class registration for you.

Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm, I will hop onto Zoom to answer any non-urgent questions, concerns and tips, students have posted in the Puppy Priorities support community during the past week.

When you log in to your Puppy Priorities course page, you will see the weekly Q&A sessions listed under the Upcoming Classes  & Q&A's" heading. Simply select the "Register" button and you are booked in with one click.

Because I still work on a small group class basis. (max. 8 puppies / class),  in order to provide you with more individualised support, refunds will not be granted once you have attended your Week 1 Orientation session and have accessed more than 20% of your online video course content.

90 Days. Why this time limit? Because what we cover in this Puppy Priorities Program is critical learning that is ideally completed before your puppy enters their adolescent stage of development, generally between 4 and 5 months of age. If you wait too long, you miss a critical window of opportunity to shape your puppy's brain and behaviour, which can prevent future problems.

However... If you graduate from the Puppy Priories Program within 90 days, by successfully completing your video course final quiz, and by attending all 5 classes of this course... Your access to all the course materials, weekly Q&A's and the support community will be extended for 1 year. This will nicely help you navigate the sometimes challenging teenage puppy period.

If we've learnt anything in recent times, it's that "life happens...".  
If you were unable to provide you puppy with the necessary training due to misfortune, and you would like me to extend your access to the course, classes and support services: contact me to discuss options.

If however, you have chosen to let things slip... and are therefore much more likely to experience problem behaviours with your puppy, I am not inclined to provide you with extended course access and free support services. Do the work...  Graduate. And you will be rewarded with extended course access and support services for 1 year!

In line with local state government health orders, will replace any in-person classes affected by the order with interactive Zoom classes. These alternative interactive Zoom classes will be listed under the "Upcoming Classes" on the "Classes" page. You will need to log in and register for these alternative interactive Zoom classes (one simple click to "Book your Spot").

The Mindful Dog takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and therefore follows the advise from qualified subject matter experts as well as the related health orders by local state and federal governments.

Due to the unique nature of my in-person classes, and the fact that I teach all puppy classes at indoor venues, I choose to go above and beyond what our local state and federal governments might deem "COVID safe".

Whenever these in-person classes are not prohibited by NSW Government Health Orders, I will still have strict COVID-19 requirements in place, for anyone who attends my in-person puppy classes.

You can find's specific, strict, in-person classes COVID-19 requirements here: